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IPv6 is explicitly disabled

I'm running rawhide and have 2 files in /etc/modprobe.d which are not owned by any package and both contain the line "install ipv6 /bin/true". The files are called disable-ipv6 and disable-ipv6-0 - with these files present the ipv6 module is never loaded and therefore IPv6 will never work, even when you explicitly configure the network to use IPv6 and have a router advertising itself.

This seems like a backwards step - it causes problems for those of us who use IPv6 networks in our day to day lives and doesn't exactly help promote the badly needed migration towards IPv6.

Is there a good reason for disabling IPv6 by default (it's worth noting that not only did previous releases of Fedora enable it by default, but so does Mac OS X and I believe Windows Vista)?


 - Steve
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