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Re: Guidelines for huge spec changelogs?

Michael Schwendt wrote, at 05/25/2007 08:02 PM +9:00:
Some [or many?] packages in the collection contain really huge spec
%changelog sections, which contain entries that date back as far as the middle 90's.

It is not unusual that entries, which are several years old, have become
irrelevant or wrong or get lost among several dozen entries like "rebuilt"
or "update to x.y.z". The changelogs however are included in the rpm
packages completely and also in web pages generated from them, e.g. in
koji or repoview.

Do we have any guidelines about what to do with them and whether it
is permitted to strip the changelogs from time to time? (and if so,
whether to archive them anywhere other than in cvs?)

Not a big issue, not at all, I'm just curious. ;o)

Perhaps the approach by vim is preferable. Vim has
/usr/share/doc/vim-common-7.0.235/Changelog.rpm for older


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