common-lisp-controller for Fedora

Anthony Green green at
Sun Nov 11 20:18:18 UTC 2007

Anthony Green wrote:
> I've created a draft Feature page on the wiki to copy Debian's 
> common-lisp-controller package and methodology for installing Common 
> Lisp implementations and libraries.

Here are some sample packages for comment:


Many lisp implementations come with asdf already, but 
common-lisp-controller needs access to some code that doesn't appear to 
ship in some (sbcl for instance).  We will need to install an 
independently packaged one.


This package provides the core scripts and lisp code.


Here's a version of sbcl that has been modified to work with 


This is a sample lisp library (Fedora currently packages none due to 
lack of standards).  Install this, fire up sbcl, and enter "(require 
's-xml)".  common-lisp-controller fires off the compiler and fasl files 
are produced under /var/cache/common-lisp-controller.  Note that I'm 
prefixing the package name with "cl-".  I was against this for java 
libraries, but I'm for it in the lisp world.  Many libraries already use 
that prefix upstream.

I'd love to get some feedback from maintainers of the lisp implementations.



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