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Re: F9 Feature Process

ons, 07 11 2007 kl. 15:38 +0100, skrev Christopher Aillon:

> Is it really worth getting people to update their feature page every two 
> weeks?  I'd argue it's much better to start looking for updates in the 
> week or two prior to the freeze as those will be more meaningful.  We 
> should also encourage people to update their page regularly (or when 
> their feature is completed), but I'm not convinced that enforcing this 
> is a good idea.

Having reasonably updatyed feature pages really aids in advocacy. It
gives us a place to point people to as a means of showing what is
coming. Additionally not having the updated before the last few weeks
makes it look like we never do anything, which we can agree is untrue.

Meaning is not just having a finished product, it's marketing it,
getting people interested in the product and it's placing it in a larger
software ecosystem. Please feel free to tell us empty but expensive
sounding words of love when explaining to us how your feature will
improve our lives. We like that.. it makes us all hot and bothered about

I'd say every 2-4 weeks we ping the feature owners who haven't updated
and ask them to take the time to put down a few words on the progress.

Preview writers will have places to look when getting excited about the
next Fedora. Also having clear progress on active features makes them
visible so that when we release, the feature will be known as born and
raised in Fedora.. hopefully a growing commitment to telling the world
on going what we are doing will reducing the amount of reviews I have to
read wherein Ubuntu is credited as the genesis for half our features.
The horrible journalistic skills involved here just makes the situation
even sadder - nobody actually checks their facts and never have I seen a
review get amended when I send in factual corrections. I want our
features praised when they come out.. in Fedora.. I want our developers
to get the attribution they sorely deserve. Please help make that
happen, update your feature page.

- David

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