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Re: openid support for f9?

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 12:54 -0500, Simo Sorce wrote:

> 1. move to 128bit UID/GIDs that are really UUIDs
>   problem is, most apps wont work, need changes in the kernel, in a
> word:
> 	unachievable
> 2. Make UIDs/GIDs *only* a local thing.
>   this mean changes in the vfs only, you need a mapping facility so that
> you can translate them for (network) file systems.

3. Ignore UIDs as an implementation detail of the local OS, and use
situation-specific logic to Do The Right Thing.
For example, if I copy/restore my /home directory on a remote server and
then sync it back to a new install, and the current UID happens to be
different because Fedora changes UIDs to start with 700 in Fedora 10
because we need more for system services, the clearly right thing here
is to just change the UID of all the files downloaded to 700, not keep
500 and fail.  

If you frame the problem too generally, then yes, it becomes impossible
to solve.  But for most of them, I think the right answer is to not try
to push all logic into the OS (filesystem/kernel/libc), but apply
situation-specific logic to do the right thing.

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