Codec Buddy misleading.

Mark markg85 at
Fri Nov 9 02:24:28 UTC 2007


Today is my first day in Fedora 8 (like probably a lot of people) and
when i want to play a movie i get codec buddy which is absolutely
fine! But now the misleading part comes. I live in Europe. for me it's
not illegal to install the "gstreamer-bad-plugins" or just packages
that get me mpeg/xvid/divx/aac/any_codec support and yet codec buddy
gives me only payed options. I didn't start using fedora a few years
ago to start paying for codecs!

Now my idea to get this better is to make codec buddy location
specific. When you install fedora you select the country where you
live. If codec buddy uses that information than it can point me to the
right direction where i can get my codecs for free. I ujnderstand that
Fedora can't include those codecs in there own repositories but
wouldn't it be possible to make a community driven (codec) repository
that contains all the packages that are not allowed in the USA but are
in EU (probably everywhere EXCEPT the USA). Fedora at least has to
notify the users that paying isn't needed if you don't live in the

Redhat can just make a "eu base" just for this..?? it doesn't need to
cost redhat much (one dedicated server in the EU somewhere under
another name not connected to RedHat).. perhaps even free if they can
join up with for example NLUUG (and if nluug is willing of course)
cause this codec stuff is getting really annoying to get working every
time i install fedora..

Otherwise if this isn't a good idea in the eyes of the redhat people
than i would like to start the "Codec Group" (just made that up) to
make distribution packages of all the codecs for all the linux based
operating systems. i'm in but not all by myself and only of the idea
above (or something to solve the issue) is not approved. i hope that
at least 2 other people could join me.. and someone with multiple
package systems (rpm and apt) would be a gread help.

Let me know what you thing,

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