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Re: Codec Buddy misleading.

On Nov 8, 2007 5:24 PM, Mark <markg85 gmail com> wrote:
> Now my idea to get this better is to make codec buddy location
> specific. When you install fedora you select the country where you
> live. If codec buddy uses that information than it can point me to the
> right direction where i can get my codecs for free.

We just got a legal ruling concerning what we can do to reference 3rd
party repositories.
Please read over the recent discussion in fedora-advisory-list with
the Subject "Legal Update"
starting on Nov 7

The legal ruling allows us to reference such 3rd party repositories on
fedora project webpages, in a controlled manner.  We can't include
links to this stuff in any packages with distribute..even if we were
Wile E. Coyote clever and employed geoip or other location tricks.
Technical we co do it.. but if Red Hat Legal isn't cool with it... we
can't do it..because at the end of the day its Red Hat that has to
assume the legal liability here. We just have to grit our teeth and
accept it.

We, as in the fedora project, have some wiggle room now to reference
3rd party repositories in our webspace. What I would like to see is
some effort by users of those 3rd party repositories to impact
upstream codeina development so that its easy for third party repos to
hook into codeina as an additional vendor for codecs via packages.
So when users see the link to the crusty repo on our webpages, they go
there and are instructed to install crustyrpms-release package for the
crusty repository, it reconfigures codeina to include crusty
repository as a codec vendor.

-jef"super genius and ACME value club member"spaleta


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