(It pains me to say) KDE and broken logout

Paul Michael Reilly pmr at pajato.com
Fri Nov 9 07:35:43 UTC 2007

Kelly Miller wrote:
> Paul Michael Reilly wrote:
>> The behavior I see after installing the KDE spin is that logout works 
>> perfectly after I login for the first time.  After the second and 
>> subsequent logins I  get empty air (nothing happens) when I click on 
>> the Logout menu item.
> The problem is aRts - or, more specifically, artsshell, which runs when 
> aRts is supposed to be shutting down... except for some reason, it never 
> seems to get around to that, leaving a black screen.
> Or are you referring to something else

Since I'm not getting a black screen, I'm guessing it is something else. 
  For me, clicking on the Logout menu item had no effect at all.


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