pptp-linux (pptp) on a Fedora DVD

Paul Howarth paul at city-fan.org
Fri Nov 9 13:25:26 UTC 2007

Kevac Marko wrote:
> Hello.
> Here, in Russian Federation, 90% of home internet providers use PPTP
> for the internet access.
> So 80% of Fedora users from Russian Federation have same problem of
> installing and configuring pptp client. It includes very unpleasant
> "go to another box with internet connection, download rpm package, go
> back and install it".
> I don't know what situation is in another countries with pptp, but i
> be very glad to see pptp client on a Fedora DVD.
> So, questions are:
> 1. Why pptp package is still not there? Some license issues?

If there was a license issue, it wouldn't be in Fedora at all.

> 2. Will it be included in Fedora DVD?
> 3. How can i help?

I use pptp to connect to my ADSL provider, as do many people throughout 
Europe. I think it's a reasonable request to add this small package to 
the default spin. Raising the issue here is a good start.


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