openid support for f9?

Alexander Boström abo at
Fri Nov 9 14:51:24 UTC 2007

tor 2007-11-08 klockan 13:53 -0500 skrev Simo Sorce:

> Exactly, but yet you need to represent identity in term of UIDs and GIDs
> in the POSIX world, hence why I am slowly advocating for *local* mapping
> tables. Network mapping tables simply do not work.

I totally agree with you here.

> Think
> agaion of a USB pen drive formatted ext2, you need at least a file where
> you map the UID used on the disk to the identity used (be it an email or
> a kerberos principal or whatever you can think of to represent an
> identity) and for groups too. 

Yes, the design problem is how to store the mapping database for
different types of file systems and what to use as global identities
(unless the file system has support for them natively). Probably you'd
want to support a number of different schemes. OpenID would be one,
Kerberos another, Mugshot account, PKI and GPG key IDs, uuids, and so

You'd need to think about policies and who to trust, but it's hard to
see how it could come out any worse than the current non-system.


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