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Smolt and software information

Hey list,

There's been a bit of conversation lately in #smolt about collecting
information about partitioning, hard drive sizes, and most
importantly, file system types.  I feel it might be just a touch out
of scope for smolt, since so far our policy has been hardware only.
The reason this appeals to me the most is if there is any interest in
file system type used, this would be a good place to collect those
statistics.  Personally, when we go make changes to the 'smolt
protocol', we'll leave out the mount point used, so no one knows how
big any given partition is on a particular machine.  I have two
questions for everyone.

1) Is this useful?  Is this something that we feel the community would
like to see, and that it isn't something that is deserving of a second
statistics aggregator (like a popularity contest for packages would

2) Are there any privacy concerns?  Remember smolt is voluntary, and
so far we don't link any information to machines other than a single
UUID that is privately stored.  Mainly, the implementation will
probably be just simply parsing through /etc/fstab.

Thanks in advance for any input you all are willing to share.


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