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José Matos jamatos at
Mon Nov 12 15:59:37 UTC 2007

On Sunday 11 November 2007 17:39:29 David Boles wrote:
> If *I* was as unhappy with Fedora as these users appear to be I would
> look elsewhere. And i would have do that a long time ago.

  There are different ways to look into these problems. There are people who 
complain and still do things, that is OK with me. What I am asking is not to 
throw the baby with the water as in a sense you seem to be doing. :-)

  Sometimes also a different stance makes wonders in terms of PR. The outer 
perception of the project is important, as important as the technical side. 
And blank statements like your in this thread do not help. Please be a little 
more patient. :-)

> What do you think Jose? Better to switch or is it just easier to complain?

There are lots of people who been doing much more than complaining. The KDE 
guys have been working hard to have a reasonable integration between KDE and 
the rest of the system. Thanks to their work I am using KDE happily. :-)

> --
>   David

José Abílio

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