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Re: "File Type" Buddy for Fedora 9?

Here's my own take on how this could proceed:

1) User "opens" a file and the system executes xdg-open
2) The xdg system determines the file type and proceeds as usual if
there are registered handlers (ie. uses the default action or, if
right-clicked, shows possible actions including View, Edit, etc.)
3) If no associated handler is installed, goes to the "yum" system with
a query that uses the mime-type as search parameter
4) "yum" returns matching packages along with the action type it can
perform (ie. View, Edit, etc.)
5) User selects one AND has the option of installing the RPM system-wide
or local to the user's session (this is one of the reasons that I've
always had a fondness for packages using the <packagename>/(bin|lib|etc|
share) system)
6) xdg-open continues to open the file using the newly installed

It would be nice if the similar bits for this system could be used by
Codec Buddy.

Obviously this would involve effort between freedesktop.org as well as
package system developers. It's also yet another push for having a real
metainfo storage and querying mechanism in the packaging system.

My Can$0.02.

Richi Plana

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