EPEL report week 45 2007

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Tue Nov 13 19:12:38 UTC 2007


= Weekly EPEL Summary =

Week 45/2007

== Most important happenings ==

 * nothing earthshaking

== Mailing list ==

=== Noteworthy discussions ===

 * RHEL 5.1 --

  * EPEL builders are still RHEL 5.0; moving to RHEL 5.1 now on bears
the risk that we break users of CentOS 5.0; no real outcome from the
discussion yet; more discussion needed

 * Lots of packages wanted --

  * lots of deps of bugzilla are not yet in EPEL (lots of them: perl);
lot's of packages that a 3rd party repo would need to compile
xine-lib-extras-nonfree, mplayer and similar stuff are still missing as
well; help needed;

== Meeting ==

=== Next Meeting ===

20071107 at '''18:00 UTC''' in #fedora-meeting.

Please note that it's 18:00 UTC now again after the DST switch, so the
effective meeting time should stay the same for everyone!

=== Last weeks meeting ===

==== Attendees: ====

 * [:MikeMcGrath:mmcgrath]
 * [:KevinFenzi:nirik]

==== Summary ====

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/Tasks/NextTestingStableMove did
the last move went well?

  * nirik> | I think the last move went pretty well...  do we want to
schedule them for specific times?

  * mmcgrath> | nirik: I'd schedule a time then see if the list wants us
to change it.  It could be a while before the next move.  although,
since its just you and me, perhaps the list would be better, or just
wait till the next meeting to talk about it.

  * nirik> | yeah, I would be happy with once a month or something, then
the question is how long something needs to be in testing.

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/Tasks/NextTestingStableMove when
to do the move in EL4?

   * nirik> | I can try and work on it I guess...  plan on perhaps next
monday?  let the f8 release suck up all the bw, etc.

 * Clamav

   *  nirik is working on it

 *  why don't the broken dep reports go to the list?

  * mmcgrath> | A) The script we use, for some reason, can take a long
time to run and B) no one's done the work.

  * mmcgrath posted to the list asking people to help so it gets posted
to the list

 * http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/Tasks/Misc -- how to get all the
missing rpmfusion and bugzilla deps into EPEL and the wishlist empty as

  * mmcgrath> | I say, Add them to the wish list and get to contacting
each packager one by one until everything is in.

  * nirik> | I think contacting maintainers is the best way... and if
they don't answer branching, etc.

== Stats ==

=== General ===

Number of EPEL Contributors: 140

We welcome 3 new contributors: drago01 rjones varekova

=== EPEL 5 ===

Number of source packages: 738

Number of binary packages:  1435

There are 26 new Packages:

 * bodhi | A modular framework that facilitates publishing software updates
 * cdpr | Cisco Discovery Protocol Analyzer
 * Django | A high-level Python Web framework
 * func | Remote config, monitoring, and management api
 * gdl | GNU Data Language
 * gsl | The GNU Scientific Library for numerical analysis
 * gsm | Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor
 * libggz | Library for client-server games
 * libofa | Open Fingerprint Architecture library
 * libpri | An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN
 * perl-Class-Singleton | Class::Singleton Perl module
 * perl-Devel-Symdump | A Perl module for inspecting Perl's symbol table
 * perl-HTML-Tree | HTML tree handling modules for Perl
 * perl-IO-All | IO::All Perl module
 * perl-LockFile-Simple | Simple file locking scheme
 * perl-Text-Reform | Manual text wrapping and reformatting
 * perl-Tk | Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit
 * postgis | Geographic Information Systems Extensions to PostgreSQL
 * revisor | Fedora "Spin" Graphical User Interface
 * ruby-ldap | Ruby LDAP libraries
 * spandsp | A DSP library for telephony
 * tre | POSIX compatible regexp library with approximate matching
 * unshield | Install InstallShield applications on a Pocket PC
 * wordpress | WordPress blogging software
 * wv2 | A library which allows access to Microsoft® Word files
 * zaptel | Tools and libraries for using/configuring/monitoring Zapata
telephony interfaces

=== EPEL 4 ===

Number of source packages: 442

Number of binary packages:  890

There are 8 new Packages:

 * cdpr | Cisco Discovery Protocol Analyzer
 * func | Remote config, monitoring, and management api
 * perl-LockFile-Simple | Simple file locking scheme
 * perl-Tk | Perl Graphical User Interface ToolKit
 * python-configobj | Config file reading, writing, and validation
 * ruby-ldap | Ruby LDAP libraries
 * unshield | Install InstallShield applications on a Pocket PC
 * wv2 | A library which allows access to Microsoft® Word files


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