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XULRunner in rawhide


there's a new package in rawhide, xulrunner
(xulrunner-1.9-0.alpha9.3.fc9). This package is supposed to provide
gecko-libs instead of Firefox and the plan is to ship Firefox as a pure
XUL application and run in by xulrunner.

So no more firefox-devel packages in rawhide, you should use
xulrunner-devel (gecko-libs == 1.9) now.

If you maintain any package what is built against gecko-libs (or
firefox-devel), please rebuild it with the xulrunner. The xulrunner-*.pc
pkg-config files are provided and you may add "--with-gecko=xulrunner"
directive to configure script.

As the name suggests, the xulrunner-1.9-0.alpha9.3.fc9 package is based
on the latest mozilla xulrunner trunk (a.k.a. Firefox 3 Alpha) so some
package may not compile with it (for instance epiphany) and we need to
fix all those errors before F9 GA...

Please contact me or Chris if you have any questions.


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