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setup filesystem requires and minimal system


Looking at the dependency chains for basic packages lead me to ask some
basic questions.

Is it right for another package than basesystem to Requires setup or 
filesystem (except for versioned requires)?

What is the minimal fedora install? In my opinion basesystem, setup and 
filesystem are necessarily there. But what is necessary besides these 
3 packages? Currently basesystem is brought in by glibc which also bring
in libgcc. So it looks like glibc is also necessary. Is it really so?
And beside glibc, are the kernel, grub, sysvinit, coreutils, rpm, bash, 
pam, util-linux-ng mandatory? What else?

I guess that there is a comps group for base system (I checked, it is
the Core group), but one should not think along this comps group, but 
along a user who would want to do the minimal install (certainly in a 

Has anybody done something similar?


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