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Re: Review queue/FESCo after the merge

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
And 1108 open reviews in total (including lots of merge reviews (¹))

I think we have a problem here. I'm actually wondering what FESCo (and
the Board) thinks about that.

Thanks for this Thorsten, I think we as a community needed this kick in the behind, I say we as a community, because I think its unfair to solely blame FESCo, as you write further down your mail, there is currently little community involvement in the governing of Fedora, no contributers other the the members attending FESCo meetings, etc. I think there are 3 reasons for this:
1) Time, time can only be spent once, and if I can choose to do something which
   gives a tangible result versus joining some discussion, I choose the former.
2) Governing, atleast in my book, is not one of the most fun tasks
3) In the extras days I had the feeling of having some control over what FESCo
   does, today I feel that certain groups within Fedora (*cough* release
   engineering *cough*) are indepent islands, not that these groups are not
   doing great work, but they don't seem controlled in any democratic way.

1 and 2 are not factors which can be controlled by Fedora, 3 however can. I believe its important to fix 3, as that will make joining the government of Fedora much more appealing.

or look at FPC -- according to the wiki the same people since one year

Funny that you mention it, I have been thinking about joining the FPC for a while now, so if there is a position there I'm available. I don't think I've to prove my packagingskills / knowledge and given my aversion to bureaucracy I'll be sure to keep the guidelines mean, lean and streamlined.



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