Improving halt package interaction...

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Wed Nov 14 21:10:08 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 14 November 2007, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Thomas M Steenholdt (tmus at said:
> > The current version of the /etc/init.d/halt script (from
> > initscripts-8.60-1) includes UPS handling code for the NUT UPS software(i
> > think). NUT could easily be made to use the new /etc/halt.d/
> > infrastructure too, and /etc/init.d/halt could get rid of the non-generic
> > UPS handling code, which IMHO should be avoided anyway...
> >
> > What do you guys think about this?

+1.  Actually, I thought I had RFE'd this in Bugzilla some time ago but can't 
find it now.

> What's needed here that can't just be done with a 'normal' script
> that runs in runlevel 0/6?

I don't know about the above, but my use case is setting the ACPI wakeup time 
to /proc/acpi/alarm (an essential feature for eg. PVR boxes to have them wake 
up on time for the next timed recording).  /etc/init.d/halt runs hwclock 
which as a side effect clears the wakeup time, so it needs to be set after 

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