Bugzilla Versions :: Request for Community & FESCo review

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Thu Nov 15 04:29:38 UTC 2007

John Poelstra wrote:
> The Fedora QA team voted today to simply the displayed Fedora Versions 
> in Bugzilla.  We would like a vote by FESCo on 2007-11-15 to proceed 
> with the changes outlined below. 
> These changes should reduce confusion and help us to simply our bug 
> tracking efforts while complementing the new release process (no test 
> releases).


> 2) Change the version of "devel" to "rawhide" to be consistent with new 
> naming convention

Aha, so 'rawhide' makes it's grand comeback now in official capacity!  ;o)

>            6) Bonus points if we can disable the ability to file new 
> bugs against releases that are no longer supported, for example, FC(1..5).

That could have negative side effects.  People file bug reports against 
old releases which may well still be bugs in currently supported 
releases.  By removing the older release versions from bugzilla so that 
people can't file bug reports against them, it could simply create 
additional confusion/frustration for users.

They might decide to file their bug anyway, but pick a newer version 
number because the version they are looking for isn't there, and they 
may or may not state "I couldn't find Fedora 5 in the list, so I chose 8 

It might be better to allow filing bugs for releases released in the 
last 'n' years, where n is chosen in such a way that it doesn't upset 
large numbers of existing users of EOL releases in such a way that they 
go running for Ubuntu/Debian/etc.

If incoming bugs for EOL'd products are a major problem, it is probably 
worth exploring other options to solve the core problem that it creates 
rather than just blindly removing the version numbers from bugzilla, 
which could be seen as sweeping the problem under the carpet. ;o)

Mike A. Harris

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