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Push packages from diverse maintainers

So these kind of things are usually done from inside Red Hat I think. Basically:

* I maintain libmtp and gnomad2

* Aurelien maintains Amarok

* We need to rebuild libmtp, then gnomad2 and Amarok to pick up the new
  .soversion of libmtp.

So how do we *best* coordinate this? I have tagged everything for libmtp and gnomad2 in the F-8 branch, and requested that Aurelien build them and Amarok at the same time and then push all three. See:

We did this before, on "you build that then I will quickly build this" with some breakage as a result (this clearly only works if you're on the same geographical location as the person pushing things to testing/updates or we will have "race conditions"), but how do we do it *properly* in order to build push all three packages simultaneously to testing and then to updates?

Q: Does the new permissions system hinder Aurelien from building my
   packages, unless explicitly granted rights? (That'd suck.)

Q: Can Aurelien push my packages if I build them myself? (Looks like he

Q: Is some third person supposed to interfere?

This is the kind of thing I think would be brilliant to solve in Bodhi, some elegant way.


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