koji chain build

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Sun Nov 18 19:26:41 UTC 2007

Tanguy Eric wrote:

> Le dimanche 18 novembre 2007 à 19:19 +0100, Tanguy Eric a écrit :
>> For the first time i use make chain-build the task seems to be on
>> (247220). The first package (libupnp) is built but the system seems
>> stalled in waitrepo state. What does it mean ? When the sytem will pass
>> to the next package ?
>> Thanks
>> Eric
> OK it seems to work for devel but i have problems with F-7 and F-8. When
> i try to make chain-build CHAIN='libupnp' the system answer :
> Packages in destination tag dist-f8-updates-candidate are not inherited
> by build tag dist-f8-build
> Target dist-f8-updates-candidate is not usable for a chain-build
> make: *** [chain-build] Erreur 1
> I'm not sure to understand where the problem come from.
> Any help ?

chain-build works only for devel branch.  Previous (released) branches
require rel-eng intervention to add packages to the buildroot.

-- Rex

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