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working with gnome project/other distros together on system tools (was: Re: System-config Reworking Proposal)

On 19.11.2007 14:49, Nils Philippsen wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 11:12 +0000, Tim Waugh wrote:
>> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 01:18 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
>>> Please comment on the idea.
>> I'd like to know whether you are considering system-config-printer to be
>> part of this scheme.  CUPS configuration is quite different from other
>> configuration tools, and a method based on altering configuration files
>> would be a big regression.
> In my eyes, we first need to get UI, logic and privileged operations
> cleanly separated. Then we can think about additional stuff like logging
> of operations (would be put between UI and logic) or move stuff from
> using usermode to PolicyKit.

Just wondering: Why don't we work towards getting some sane config tools
(seperated in UI, logic, ...) close to Gnome (and KDE, should there be
interest)? Sure, that way other distros will benefit from out work as
well, but on the other hand having stuff as de-facto part of Gnome and
used by other distros afaics lead to better tools and a better user
experience, which overall leads to a better "Linux".

Take gnome-power-manager as example -- until not that long ago each
distro had there own black- and whitelists for the workarounds that make
suspend simply work. That worked not to bad, but not perfectly and much
man-hours were wasted as each distro had to maintain their own lists.
Now we have gnome-power-manager as common upstream, which gets used by
Fedora, OpenSuse, Ubuntu and some others -- all those help getting the
data improved which really improved the situation a lot afaics, as
everyone benefits from the work.

PackageKit seems to be the next area where lots of distributions did
their own thing for a long time and now work together. I'm really
wondering how long it will take until PackageKit and its tools will
replace pup and pirut. So maybe both tools that were developed not that
long ago might vanish and become history over the next two years.


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