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Re: System-config Reworking Proposal

On Nov 19, 2007 7:07 AM, Lubomir Kundrak <lkundrak redhat com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 01:18 -0600, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> > I have expressed my ideas[1] to add and rework some of the
> > functionality of the system-config tools with the hope of making them
> > a bit more innovative and useful.
> >
> > Please comment on the idea.
> > Rework (not a total rewrite) system-config tools use a common virtual console which abstracts away local and remote console usage. Anticipated benefits:
> >
> >     * transparently handle local or remote console (via ssh)
> >           o allow configuration of remote services
> this is possible now:
> ssh -X my.server system-config-httpd

One question: I know about this method, but have never tried it myself
- doesn't it require an xserver on the host?

One comment: The crowd that really love the system-config tools would
like prefer not to be doing x forwarding via SSH

> >           o possible allow for OS independent usage (example: system-config-httpd could be used from Windows XP)
> You can do the very same thing from Windows XP.

I was thinking more in terms of the user just running system-config-*
on Fedora|Windows|* and just enter in a host and passkey|user+pass and
make changes to the target system

> >           o allow for those who prefer not to run server tools with a X server installed to make use of the system-config tools
> None of the system-config-* tools depends on X server except for
> system-config-display.

True, but you do generally need a GUI to make use of the GUI system-config tools

> >     * allows for centrally logging system-config actions (audit trail)
> >     * standardize routines/functionality commonly used by system-config tools
> These seem to be a good ideas to me.
> Regards,
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> Lubomir Kundrak (Red Hat Security Response Team)
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