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Re: RPM groups

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 10:23:56 -0700
"Jerry James" <loganjerry gmail com> wrote:

> Look in /usr/share/doc/rpm-{version number}/GROUPS for a list.  I
> remember seeing a wiki page that listed all group names in actual
> use, but I can't find it now.
> There are quite a few packages in the Development/Libraries/Java
> group.  Why isn't that group in the list?

The FPC has mostly ignored the Groups tag.  It's not used by yum, and
thus all the tools based upon yum (pirut, anaconda, pungi, repoview,
etc...)  We strongly feel that grouping and tagging belongs outside of
the package itself (so that other people can group them as necessary
without rebuilding them, etc...) and thus we focus on having
appropriate grouping in comps, our current external grouping tool.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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