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Re: RFC: Package Review VCS

Josh Boyer wrote:

The idea behind this is nice. Using CVS to do it will suck.

What about it exactly?
Using CVS as a tool again when we should be using a more modern VCS?

I suppose we could use a different VCS tool here in order to open up experimentation of new tools in a non-critical area. This however would have the detriment of losing an opportunity for newbie training, for new contributors to become familiar with our strange CVS structure and "make" commands in a safe environment.

(OTOH, this would be a great opportunity to show people bzr's awesome checkout --lightweight feature. bzr allows the user to use bzr as either a distributed VCS like git, or in the traditional checkin-directly-upstream mode like CVS. bzr is very user friendly, fast and flexible. But then the above detriment...)

Also, I'm not sure it buys you a ton over keeping track of changes in the
specfile during review, which should already be done anyway.


While most spec changes during a review will be boring, it is sometimes worthwhile to keep them in history. A more interesting thing this enables may be during pre-review, where it can act as a playpen/staging ground for rapid packaging and testing. Imagine this:

1) Existing Fedora packager begins work on a new package.
2) cvs-import.sh in /cvs/pkgreview, existin Fedora packager can create whatever they want, whenever they want. 3) They might ask other people to help in packaging. *Real* quick centralized place to point other people to ask for help. 4) *Real* quick build testing on all archs directly from your work-in-progress.

I call that enabling.

I suppose we could make using /cvs/pkgreview optional for package reviews. And Merge Review could use /cvs/pkgs instead. But I can't imagine why anybody would prefer the hassle of spinning new .src.rpm's and uploading them to a web accessible URL several times instead of simply using a VCS.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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