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Re: NetworkManager - Why Doesn't nm-applet have a way of using WPA-PSK?

Jonathan Dieter wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 01:08 -0500, Kelly Miller wrote:
>> I can't seem to set WPA-PSK in nm-applet like I can in knetworkmanager.  
>> And believe me, I looked.  Hard.
>> For a while, I thought NetworkManager couldn't do WPA-PSK at all, but I 
>> found it easily in knetworkmanager.  And since the current setup (Fedora 
>> 8) doesn't have it yet, I'd consider this a big big problem...
> I have no problems connecting to a AP with running WPA-PSK using F8.  It
> automatically detected the encryption and asked for a passphrase (which
> it then automagically stored in gnome-keyring).
> Jonathan

Was your access point configured to only allow this option?  Sounds like the OP
is wanting to FORCE the use of WPA-PSK (i.e. access point will allow it), not
just have NM make the choice automatically.  The access point may be setup to
allow several security options.

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