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Re: [Fwd: Font issues (mkfontdir & friends not getting run) with F-8]

Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
Well, I have not read the whole thread of this, however:

Hans de Goede wrote, at 11/20/2007 06:32 PM +9:00:
So are there any reasons not to generate fonts.scale and fonts.dir (and
I guess also encodings.dir) at build time and include them in the font

I thought we are already doing this...

e.g. from:

# Create fonts.scale and fonts.dir
/usr/bin/mkfontdir $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{bmpfontdir}
# for dummy
touch $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{basefontdir}/fonts.cache-1
touch $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{bmpfontdir}/fonts.cache-1
touch $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{bmpfontdir}/encodings.dir

Ah, so some are, however some are not, for example urw-fonts and ghostscript-fonts are still generating fonts.dir and fonts.scale using scriptlets, and since they do not have the proper requires for these scriptlets this does not work, resulting in applications wanting to use urw-fonts through the core fonts system failing.

I would be happy to file bugs against this, but first I would like to see some guidelines about howto handle the core fonts files, as I see it there are 2 options:
-generate fonts.dir and fonts.scale at buildtime (preferred)
-generate them using scriptlets, and then the package MUST have
 the necessary requires for these scripts



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