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Re: [Fwd: Font issues (mkfontdir & friends not getting run) with F-8]

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mar 20 novembre 2007 11:25, Hans de Goede a écrit :

Isn't the solution for this problem (missing fonts.dir / fonts.scale)
as simple
as adding a single guideline that font packages which add a symlink
/etc/X11/fontpath.d MUST ship a pre-generated fonts.dir and
fonts.scale, and no
try to generate these using scriptlets?

IIRC pre-shipping these files caused other problems, but I doubt there
is enough core fonts expertise left to identify them easily (I vaguely
remember mkfontdir output was dependant on local hardware resolution
or xorg version). The people who knew core fonts innards dropped it
like radioactive material as soon as fontconfig was available.

Whatever solution you choose forcing installation of core fonts
backend by the main font package is a no-go for modern fonts (TTF/OTF,
maybe Type 1 too).

What do you mean with the "core fonts backend"?

You can split the core font scriptlet parts in a
subpackage, or ship pre-generated files, as long as you do not impact
the vast majority of users who have no need for core fonts.

Yes, assuming that with the "core fonts backend" you mean mkfontdir & friends, then I agree, having a dependency on these is not a good plan, so I see 2 options:
1) Use pregenerated files (I just checked there contents and I see nothing
   different from how they looked in the XFree86 3.x days, so I do not believe
   these are xorg version / arch / dpi dependent). This is the prefered option.
2) The gtk-update-icon-cache way, so conditionally run mkfontdir and friends
   from scripts, if installed. And on installation of mkfontdir, run it for all
   dirs under /etc/X11/fontpath.d

I believe 1 si greatly preferred if we all agree on this I'll try to write something for the guidelines about this.



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