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Re: [Fwd: Font issues (mkfontdir & friends not getting run) with F-8]

Le Mar 20 novembre 2007 13:11, Hans de Goede a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

>> Whatever solution you choose forcing installation of core fonts
>> backend by the main font package is a no-go for modern fonts
>> (TTF/OTF,
>> maybe Type 1 too).
> What do you mean with the "core fonts backend"?

Fonts accessed through the original X core protocol. Official
X11/XFree86/Xorg name of what you are writing about.


>> You can split the core font scriptlet parts in a
>> subpackage, or ship pre-generated files, as long as you do not
>> impact
>> the vast majority of users who have no need for core fonts.
> Yes, assuming that with the "core fonts backend" you mean mkfontdir &
> friends,
> then I agree, having a dependency on these is not a good plan, so I
> see 2 options:
> 1) Use pregenerated files (I just checked there contents and I see
> nothing
>     different from how they looked in the XFree86 3.x days, so I do
> not believe
>     these are xorg version / arch / dpi dependent). This is the
> prefered option.

This was changed to scriptlets in the time we still had people caring
about core fonts so I wouldn't assume there were no technical reason
for the change. But I actively don't care whether core fonts work or
not so if you believe this will work and are ready to shoulder the
resulting QA you're free to go this way.

> 2) The gtk-update-icon-cache way, so conditionally run mkfontdir and
> friends
>     from scripts, if installed. And on installation of mkfontdir, run
> it for all
>     dirs under /etc/X11/fontpath.d
> I believe 1 si greatly preferred

We chose 2 for fontconfig, but if you do the work you call the shots,
as long as you conform to


Nicolas Mailhot

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