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Re: WTF? Inaccessible bug reports?

> So I'm trying to find out why David Cantrell decided to make my life
> hell on 2007-09-04 by disabling any possibility of static ip when
> using kickstart and the changelog refers to bug #260621 which I'm
> somehow not allowed to see.

Nobody decided to make your life hell.  Software is complicated,
especially the loader, and fixes sometimes have unintended side

The bug in question fixed a problem where anaconda would stop at the
network configuration screen regardless of what command line arguments
are specified.

> So I am supposed to guess why the hell such a change was made how?
> That would be the first step to try to provide a solution acceptable
> by everybody.

I'd do it like this, given a checkout of the anaconda source:  First I'd
do git log and look for the bug number since we're good about putting
the bug numbers in the changelogs.  Then I'd get the sha1sum from there
(it's e727238ded39f839b8230e0fef25825815336a68 by the way) and do a git
show with that to see exactly what changed.

- Chris

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