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Re: WTF? Inaccessible bug reports?

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 10:37:25AM -0500, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > So I'm trying to find out why David Cantrell decided to make my life
> > hell on 2007-09-04 by disabling any possibility of static ip when
> > using kickstart and the changelog refers to bug #260621 which I'm
> > somehow not allowed to see.
> Nobody decided to make your life hell.  Software is complicated,
> especially the loader, and fixes sometimes have unintended side
> effects.
> The bug in question fixed a problem where anaconda would stop at the
> network configuration screen regardless of what command line arguments
> are specified.

By forcing dhcp whatever appears or not in the kickstart file?  David
needs more sleep.  OTOH, so do I.

You can understand that the intent was somewhat unclear.

> > So I am supposed to guess why the hell such a change was made how?
> > That would be the first step to try to provide a solution acceptable
> > by everybody.
> I'd do it like this, given a checkout of the anaconda source:  First I'd
> do git log and look for the bug number since we're good about putting
> the bug numbers in the changelogs.  Then I'd get the sha1sum from there
> (it's e727238ded39f839b8230e0fef25825815336a68 by the way) and do a git
> show with that to see exactly what changed.

Which won't tell me *why*, only *what*.  I already know what was done,
where do you think I got the exact date and bugid from?  What I was
missing is the *intent*.


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