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Re: Fedora Orphaned Package Removal: November 29th 2007

Hans de Goede wrote:
Warren Togami wrote:
Fedora Engineering Steering Committee is considering removal of packages
from rawhide who have been without owners since prior to Fedora 8
sometime after the next FESCO meeting on November 29th.  The Fedora
Project routinely removes unmaintained packages from future
distributions in order to responsibly scale the growth of maintenance
burden with developer resources available within the project.

Packages listed on this page are scheduled for removal unless an
existing Fedora maintainer claims ownership.

A Fedora package developer may use their Fedora Account in PackageDB to
claim ownership of an orphaned package.

Removal of an orphaned package entails "blocking" it in the buildsystem
so it does not appear in the rawhide repository, and files in CVS of the
"devel" branch being replaced with an empty "dead.package" file.  At a
later date if a Fedora package developer wishes to revive a dead package
they may do so by claiming ownership in pkgdb then requesting the koji
block to be removed.  It is however a bit easier if ownership is claimed
prior to orphan removal, so please claim packages now if possible.


I see openct, opencs and pcsc-tools listed, didn't we go through a lot of effort during FC-6 / F-7 to get smartcard support integrated, isn't this need to support certain cards / features then?

I'm planning to start working with smartcards sometime soon, and I think I will need these, but I'm not sure.


I've taken ownership of openct, opensc, pcsc-perl and pcsc-tools for now, as I plan to become a user of them in the near future, and I would hate tro seem them goaway.

co-maintainers much appreciated. Ville, perhaps you are willing to stay involved as co-maintainer?



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