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Re: WTF? Inaccessible bug reports?

Olivier Galibert wrote:

Fedora was originally nice for people coming from an Unix background,
where 50% of the windows on the screen are xterms.  It seems to have
collectively decided that it should instead cater to the Windows kind
of people, to the detriment of the Unix ones.

Yep, it seems a  tendency...

A lot of new people have appeared in the Linux world last years, and actually most of them are "coming from the Windows background". The first computer which they saw in their life was a Windows desktop. Moreover, some of them continue to use Windows desktop, even when works for Linux...

Thus it is obvious that they are trying to adopt a "free system" (Linux) to their habits. Unfortunately, it is Windows habits, not UNIX...

Perhaps it could be a good idea to provide a "spifit-of-UNIX" Fedora spin. Actually, all the packages are (still) present in the common "Everything" repository. But I don't know, how many "ancient UNIX users" remain in Fedora world. I am. You are. Who else?..

A default installation does not have a compiler.

The default installation (in the modern world) is for "default user". The default user want games, office, Internet and xxx. He does not want a compiler. He even does not know what is compiler at all.

Everything looking slightly technical is hidden as much as possible.

I hope no more hidden than a text file, or "easy dumpable" (aka .db files). Even if it is an xml file, it is easy editable (by vi) from me.

Easily understandable and editable text configuration files are routinely replaced

It is a cost for complexity.

Keep cranking up the pain, guys, and fedora will definitively makes
its place in the "master of none" category.

It seems a task for people as you and I to provide a "traditional UNIX" additional style for Fedora. Remember, a lot of people even do not know what is UNIX at all. They never worked under it.

OTOH, If you remember UNIX, it mean that you are 35-45 years old. Usually, such people are "in the middle of career", and are busy by their work for employer. It is often too difficult to find a time for Linux...

It's kinda sad that people who do such a good job upstream end up
building such a crappier-over-time distribution from it.

It is a reason why repositories of additional packages (freshmeat, atrpms, now rpmfusion) had been appeared.

Dmitry Butskoy
           Red Hat Certified Engineer 805007668229091

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