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Re: WTF? Inaccessible bug reports?

On 21/11/2007, Dmitry Butskoy <buc odusz so-cdu ru> wrote:
> Olivier Galibert wrote:
> > Fedora was originally nice for people coming from an Unix background,
> > where 50% of the windows on the screen are xterms.  It seems to have
> > collectively decided that it should instead cater to the Windows kind
> > of people, to the detriment of the Unix ones.
> Yep, it seems a  tendency...
> A lot of new people have appeared in the Linux world last years, and
> actually most of them are "coming from the Windows background". The
> first computer which they saw in their life was a Windows desktop.
> Moreover, some of them continue to use Windows desktop, even when works
> for Linux...
> Thus it is obvious that they are trying to adopt a "free system" (Linux)
> to their habits. Unfortunately, it is Windows habits, not UNIX...
> Perhaps it could be a good idea to provide a "spifit-of-UNIX" Fedora
> spin. Actually, all the packages are (still) present in the common
> "Everything" repository.

and if you want an "Everything" Spin:




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