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Re: WTF? Inaccessible bug reports?

* Olivier Galibert
| Keep cranking up the pain, guys, and fedora will definitively makes
| its place in the "master of none" category.
| It's kinda sad that people who do such a good job upstream end up
| building such a crappier-over-time distribution from it.

Hi Olivier, imho Fedora 8 is most easy Fedora to install and customize,
however you *have* to work with the tools, not against them.

Using DVD install and

$ yum install \*

are not to working with the tools.

Why is Fedora 8 install easy?

 * lots to packages (almost all "normal" pkgs are included)
 * easy to create homemade repos (createrepo)
 * very simple to create custom comps.xml (createrepo -g)
 * support for additional repos in kickstart (url keyword)
   - can add updates, freshrpms and custom repo during install
 * much faster depsolver code (thansk yum people!)
 * very good hardware auto detection

Old, however very nice features:

 * http support in kickstart, this is a killer! [1]

What could be better?

 * bug free installer :-)
 * installable Everything spin (without isos, will be fixed in F-9, I hope)

 - Terje

[1]: Combine apache with mod_rewrite with e.g. php to create kickstart
files *on the fly*:

Boot host with boot.iso (or from grub) go to text modus and write:
linux ks=http://webserver/ks/<hostname>

This URL is a redirect to http://webserver/ks/ks.php?hostname=<hostname>
the php script has all needed information about <hostname>: network
settings, auth info, passwd, packages, additional repos etc.

Now add cfengine or similar to do post install configuration you should
be set.


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