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Debuginfo packages for Java

I'm having problems reviewing a package for some software written in
Java.  The problem is that the debuginfo package is generated without
any source.  find-debuginfo.sh prints out the following:

extracting debug info from /var/tmp/writer2latex-0.5-buildroot/usr/lib64/gcj/writer2latex/writer2latex-0.5.jar.so
cpio: writer2latex05/aot-compile-rpm/usr/lib64/gcj/writer2latex/writer2latex-0.5.jar.1.jar: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
cpio: writer2latex05/aot-compile-rpm/usr/lib64/gcj/writer2latex/writer2latex/Application.java: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
cpio: writer2latex05/aot-compile-rpm/usr/lib64/gcj/writer2latex/writer2latex/api/BatchConverter.java: Cannot stat: No such file or directory

Needless to say, the source isn't actually buried under

Some time ago I reviewed some Java-using packages and the issue was
fixable with by making a symlink; see, for example, the ganymed-ssh2
package, which has:

# Link source files to fix -debuginfo generation.
rm -f ch
ln -s src/ch

but this method no longer works and in fact that ganymed-ssh2
debuginfo package currently includes no source.  Even if I cook up a
directory structure and symlinks so that
writer2latex05/aot-compile-rpm/usr/lib64/gcj/writer2latex exists and
holds all of the files cpio is complaining about, they still don't
make it into the debuginfo package.

So I'm at a loss.  We really need folks who understand java to come up
with guidelines and procedures that would answer the kinds of
questions which come up when reviewing Java-using packages.  There are
a number of them in the review queue but nobody understands how to
review them.  And it really wouldn't if someone documented just how
debuginfo generation works.

The review ticket in question is

The ganymed-ssh2 ticket where I first tackled this:
which includes some comments about debuginfo generation being busted
for Java.

 - J<

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