New dependency in Fedora 8 - metacity

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Sun Nov 25 16:32:20 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 17:21 +0100, Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> 2007/11/25, Martin Sourada <martin.sourada at>:
> > So we have there three somewhat questionable dependences on metacity or
> > nodoka-metacity-theme. Which one of these causes the problem for you?
> I just want to remove metacity because it's not required for my system
> -  nodoka-metacity-theme prevents me from removing metacity so I want
> to remove it too but this one is tolerable. It costs only some
> kilobytes in comparison with 11 megabytes of
> *simple* *window manager, metacity.
> -- 
> With best regards!

As far as I understand your problem, nodoka-metacity-theme is Fedora 8
default theme for metacity, so it needs metacity to be installed, but if
you do not want to use metacity it should be save to remove. It will
remove fedora-gnome-theme as well, but this dependency also OK. When you
do "yum remove metacity" which package appears in the list of packages
to remove that you don't want to remove?
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