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Re: Should "yum install" be case sensitive?

>>>>> "KF" == Kautz, Frederick <fkautz pseudocode cc> writes:

KF> Not that we are worrying about cygwin... but it turns out that
KF> $ touch TEST $ rm test

KF> The file TEST is removed. rm has everything to do with the
KF> underlying filesystem.

KF> My thought on this topic is... if yum is asked to install
KF> mysql and the package name is actually MySQL... it should make
KF> a suggestion like:

KF> Could not find package 'mysql'. Would you like to install
KF> package 'MySQL' instead? [y/N]

More annoying user interaction. yum is already horrible that way. And
yum -y isn't the answer, because that lets yum go crazy without
considering any consequences.

If yum install foo on an x86_64 installed exactly foo.x86_64 if no
dependencies were needed, that would be perfect. Otherwise it should
just fail and spit out a list of needed dependencies. Then the user
can run it with something like yum install --withdependencies foo, and
it would do the right thing without asking questions. Again, if it
needed to upgrade something, it would fail and give a list of what it

Unix command line software does what it's told or fails. It doesn't
ask for permission.


(Yes I hate the rm -i thing too. mv should fail when asked to
overwrite though.)

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