Backing up a nearly dead HDD

Paul F. Johnson paul at
Tue Nov 27 13:58:39 UTC 2007


It looks like my problem with readahead isn't readahead!

The drive which has my home directories seems to have a problem. If I log in
as root (please don't bitslap me yet!), and from the command line look at the
home directories, I can see paul, becki, richard and lost+found which is fine
as they're supposed to be there.

If I then try to look at the contents of /home/paul, it takes ages and the
hard drive makes funny noises, so I'm thinking it's at the end of it's life
more or less.

fsck shows some bits and pieces, but essentially, it's not picking up any

Is there a way I can copy everything from one drive to another and keep the
permissions from a dodgy drive to a working one? cp -ar seems an option, but
it takes a while!



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