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Re: alpha/beta software in Fedora 8?

On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 11:03:02AM -0500, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 04:25:35PM +0100, Adam Tkac wrote:
> > I've put this software to F8 because it has nice new features. Some
> > bugs is tax for them. Additionally I don't think that users use newest
> > Fedora on important servers and 9.5 will come into beta stage very
> > soon.
> I use the newest Fedora on important servers.  They were running FC6 
> before, and the EOL is approaching soon.  I'd rather upgrade once to 
> F8 now rather than F7 now and then again to F8 when F9 is released.  I 
> guess that was a bad decision on my part, but I've never had major 
> problems on servers with the latest Fedora before.  I've been testing 
> F8 as Rawhide for a while now, so I thought it was ready for my 
> servers.  Unfortunately, I didn't test BIND--slap my wrist for that 
> one.  Of course, who knows if I would have encountered this problem in 
> a test server--it may be related to the load one puts on the server 
> that would never have been seen in a test environment.

I'm using 9.5 on my machine long time and I didn't found discussed
problem (#400461)

> I don't mind beta software and release candidates of software in a 
> stable Fedora release--heck lots of software stays in that phase for a 
> long long time (ISC dhcpd for example).  But alpha software I think is 
> pushing it a bit too far.  This is just my opinion, and I will work 
> around whatever problems I cause for myself by using the latest Fedora 
> on my important servers, but the lack of a policy on this makes it 
> hard for sysadmins to choose correctly.  Now it seems that the choice 
> should be "always run the previous Fedora release because the newest 
> one might introduce new software that is considered alpha quality by 
> upstream".

As I wrote above BIND will come to beta very soon. And your bug is
first more important issue that I've got reported since F8 final.

> It is a fine line to walk on stability vs. new features.  Fedora is 
> about being on the leading edge, sure.  But bleeding edge should be 
> reserved for Rawhide and Test releases.  Especially for software as 
> important as BIND and DHCP.
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