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Re: mounting removable media never seems to work

Florin Andrei wrote:
Mounting USB sticks, DVDs, CDs, etc - this works flawlessly with other distributions I've tried (Ubuntu), but with Fedora it's something that seems to stop working randomly, whenever the packages update to jour changes something in the system.

I've a F7 system, fully updated, and now when I insert a USB stick, I get the HAL error "permission denied: not in active session".

This used to happen to me on F7, around the arrival of ConsoleKit. I traced it down to ConsoleKit dying everytime I logged in and a check with the init script would say "pid file exists but subsystem dead" or words to that effect. It could be a similar situation in your case or perhaps you don't even have ConsoleKit running. I never managed to track down why ConsoleKit was dying, despite enabling debugging everywhere that I thought was useful. The machine has since been flattened an F8 installed and thankfully the problem hasn't returned.

Ian Chapman.

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