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Re: alpha/beta software in Fedora 8?

Martin Stransky (stransky redhat com) said: 
> Adam Tkac wrote:
>> As I wrote above I disagree with you that put alpha (which will come
>> to beta really soon) to F8 is bad decision "because it is alpha". I
>> tested it and I didn't find any issues. That's why I decided put 9.5
>> to F8.
>> Adam
> Is a former bind maintainer I have to support Adam here. In my opinion it 
> depends what package is taken and it's really a big difference between a 
> huge project (like gnome/gcc) and relative small one like bind.
> Bind alpha/beta versions are periodically more stable than other **stable** 
> projects.

It's not about comparing to other projects. Different kernel releases are
all stable, and have wildly divergent bug sets.

The issue is providing a reasonably stable usable platform - realistically,
if ISC wanted people running a version of bind in production, wouldn't they
*tag it as stable and release it*?  By shipping it in a release, we're
essentially saying we know better than upstream what's appropriate for users.
Do we?


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