alpha/beta software in Fedora 8?

Steve Grubb sgrubb at
Wed Nov 28 16:33:19 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 28 November 2007 09:38:45 Rex Dieter wrote:
> Steve Grubb wrote:
> > Upstream does not support it because its a cvs snapshot and not a released
> > version. 
> Did they *really* say that the kdepim-enterprise branch isn't supported? 

No one answered my bug report on the upstream mail list. I'll ask a more 
direct question to them if you tell me where this tarball comes from:


In the specfile, I see  Source0:{version}/src/%{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2

which that file is not there. Then there is this:

Source0: kdepim-enterprise-svn%{ent_date}.tar.bz2

URL:  is not helpful in tracking down where this file came 


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