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Re: Bootup speed for F8

On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 09:30 +0000, Rudolf Kastl wrote:
> Personally i am working on straightening out initng which is part of
> the repos and with selinux disabled (there is a bug in current initng
> regarding selinux so dont use it if you want selinux enabled until the
> next fix shows up) from start if init to gdm in 15 seconds with
> NetworkManager and all that stuff enabled.
> I guess with a bit more hacking and optimising you could go close to 10 seconds.
I just gave initng a shot, and, while it started up my system extremely
fast, I noticed a number of failure messages on the screen and when I
logged in, I noticed that my CPU Frequency applet said that my CPU
wasn't capable of scaling (it's a laptop with a Core Duo processor and
three different levels of scaling).

Do you want bug reports or does it need a bit more work before it can
replace normal init?


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