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Re: Versioning svn checkouts [Was: Re: alpha/beta software in Fedora 8?]

Bill Nottingham escribió:
Petr Machata (pmachata redhat com) said:
Steve Grubb wrote:
As a side note, I always wondered why to use date in the release tag of
package, whose sources come from non-cvs versioning system.  For svn, in
my opinion, it would make more sense to use the tree revision number;
for git, similarly, sha1 id of the tree.

Well, git<date> sorts sanely. git<sha1> does not. Comments in the spec
(or similar) might help with this.

git<date> from where? Remember that git is distributed and unless you have a centralized copy git<date> can have more then one copy.

IMHO, I've seen many cvs<date>, svn<date>, etc. that it'a when there isn't a real version numbering (or patches come from svn, cvs, hg, git, instead of new tarballs).

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