Multiarch crazyiness

Ian Chapman packages at
Sun Oct 21 21:18:37 UTC 2007

Hans de Goede wrote:

> The current multilib solution in rpm is far from pretty, it works well, 
> but definitively has downsides. I think as is its a reasonable 
> comprimise, lets not add bandaids and patches to it for issues which 
> should be solved elsewhere, I feel the pain of maintainers getting these 
> bugs (I got 15 of them), but they are fixable without requiring the 
> addition of yet another multilib kludge to rpm.

Well the question is still really where should these issues ultimately 
be solved? Is kludging the rpms any more elegant than patching rpm? I 
must admit I have no idea how other distro's deal with these kind of 

Ian Chapman.

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