multiarch conflicts

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Mon Oct 22 20:33:22 UTC 2007

On Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 03:32:11PM -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 14:39 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > * in the /etc/bes/bes.conf file there is also a conflict because in
> > >   that file the dlopened modules are specified, and therefore the
> > libdir
> > >   is different.
> > 
> > That's a problem.
> You can use $LIB in the path to dlopen iirc

The idea upstream is to specify the full path such that users may place
files to be dlopened anywhere and it seems to me that it makes sense,
especially since some may be packaged and other site specific (and in
the case of bes, it makes much sense to have site specific software that
is not meant to be packaged even if it is free software, for example if
there is acquisition of data in real time or the like).


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