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Fedora -> Fedora cross binutils/gcc/gdb packages


I've uploaded a set of prebuilt Fedora -> Fedora cross
binutils/gcc/gdb packages (and their corresponding spec diffs[*]) to:


Currently, only i386 -> arm and x86_64 -> arm binary RPMS are
provided.  Non-arm target architectures aren't tested, but should
be possible to make work without too much effort.

These RPMS can be used to cross-compile kernels, and to
cross-compile binaries that are to be run on Fedora systems -- i.e.,
built binaries are built against glibc (so, you can't use these RPMS
to build uClibc binaries, for example) and against other libraries as
included in Fedora.

These RPMS expect a couple of target libraries such as glibc to be
installed in the standard sysroot location, /usr/$target/sys-root/.
There is a script called repack_cross.pl which can convert a target
binary RPM to a noarch RPM with all files moved to
/usr/$target/sys-root/, and a set of such pre-generated noarch RPMS
is included in the abovementioned repository (and pulled in when
you install the cross-compiler.)

There is no support for building the required target libraries without
building the compiler first.  In other words, since the build process
for the cross-compiler depends on there being a suitable target glibc
already, these RPMS and spec diffs can not be used to bootstrap a new
Fedora architecture port from scratch.

Feedback appreciated.


[*] The included cross-binutils patch is based on an earlier
    cross-binutils patch by David Woodhouse.

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