Default Firefox settings

Arthur Pemberton pemboa at
Wed Oct 3 15:54:20 UTC 2007


I recently asked about ways to benchmark Firefox[1] because of how
slow I found Firefox to be  on Fedora 7. It was almost unusably slow,
prompting me to switch to Konqueror as much as possible.

However I have found a short tutorial which after following the speed
seems to at least be on par which my laptop (which has half the
processing speed, and a slower, IDE hard drive, and slower memory)

Assuming I haven't encountered some freak situation, it may be
necessary to consider changing the default Firefox settings, one of
which is IPV6 DNS. I have zero issues against IPV6 myself, but if it
helps make Firefox useful, by all means.

Again, if I can provide any objective metrics, please let me know.


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