bodhi update problem

Luke Macken lmacken at
Sat Oct 6 07:03:53 UTC 2007

On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 01:49:05PM -0700, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
> Luke Macken wrote:
>> On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 01:38:19PM -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:
>>> I built an updated vorbis-tools package to fix bz#244757[1] but bodhi
>>> won't let me push the update for F7.  When I select Add Update, I get
>>> an error that states:
>>>     tmz does not have commit access to vorbis-tools
>>> This is partly true.  Though the package is open to cvsextras, which
>>> is how I had acccess to commit the changes.  What's the best way to
>>> solve this?  Do I need to nag one of the primary maintainers of
>>> vorbis-tools to do the actual push in bodhi (or request more
>>> privileges from the pkgdb)?
>>> Would it be reasonable to allow members of cvsextras to push an update
>>> to -testing if the package is open to cvs commits from cvsextras?
>>> That'd facilitate someone coming along and helping fix low-hanging
>>> fruit bugs like this -- freeing up the maintainers to work on the
>>> harder and more pressing bugs.
>>> Pushing to -testing would provide some warning to the primary
>>> maintainers if someone were to try and push an update they thought
>>> shouldn't be pushed.  Then they could unpush it to prevent it from
>>> getting into the stable updates.
>>> (I'm not sure what the best balance is here, I can see reasons for
>>> allowing or for denying such access in bodhi.)
>> Right now bodhi only looks at the individuals with commit access from
>> the pkgdb.  It should definitely also check the ACL, and in the case
>> of vorbis-tools, allow you to push updates for it.
>> Toshio is throwing together a patch for bodhi now.
> Here's a patch for considering group-acls as part of authentication check.

Applied, thanks!


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